What is CI? Intro to CI with Yusuke Hayashi

Wed, 06 Jun 2018 19:00 - 21:30

Code Chrysalis

106-0046 B2 Vort Moto-Azabu 3-1-35 Moto-Azabu Minato Ku

4 participants

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Our topic is "What is CI?", "Examples of real use cases", "What can Circle CI do else?" and "Circle CI vs Travis CI vs Jenkins".

This meet up also contains a workshop to create your own CI and discussion time about "How do you want to use CI in your situation?" in the final section.

The main focus of this talk is the concrete usage of Circle CI. If you are interested in CI or testing automation, the talk tells you the basic concept and usage of CI and gives you the tools/knowledge to make your own CI. Even if you have not heard about CI, you can find how CI save your time during this meet up.


Yusuke worked for a researching institute as a DataBase Engineer. He treated big data there. And after the job, he worked as a freelance Engineer about one year, he did many works like advice of DB schema, creating Web app, time series analysis, web scraping and many. In order to get wider ability for a full-stack Engineer, he is currently a student in Code Chrysalis.

【7:10】 Talk: "What is CI?"
【7:20】 Talk: "Examples of real use cases"
【7:30】 Workshop: "Run Circle CI"
【8:00】 Talk: "What can Circle CI do else?"
【8:10】 Talk: "Circle CI vs Travis CI vs Jenkins"
【8:20】 Discussion: "How do you want to use CI in your situation?"
【8:40】 Close

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